Non contact tasks

Module 10: Mentorship 

Overview of Tasks

Task 1: Submit the summary of your offerings

Task 2: Submit your proposal letter

Adapt the template provided to make it suitable for your actual area of interest.

Task 3: Submit your staircase

You can outline either 5 steps to take in the short term,  OR use the next 5 steps to map out the big milestones for you to reach to make your big dream a reality.  Add in the "by when" dates. 


Task 4: Reflect on 2 classes.

Teach 2 classes, with a focus on the area you identified that you want to improve, then share your reflections.

Task 5: Submit your marketing

Choose ONE of the following:

  • a link to a website page for your kids classes

  • a Facebook business page for your kids classes

  • a flyer for your kids classes


This needs to demonstrate:

  • your business name and branding

  • what makes your class unique

  • captures your intention for teaching 

  • states some benefits for the kids

  • class details of time, location, cost and how they can sign up​

  • your contact details 



*** Bonus Points***

Jump onto our Facebook page and introduce yourself. (tell everyone it is part of your homework!) You can either do a quick video or just share a photo of yourself and a little blurb. Include your name; where you are located; what you teach and why and one fun fact about yourself. (what do you love to do for fun or to relax?) It is the way we can all stay connected and feel comfortable to network together when we have more of a sense of who is in our community. 

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