Non contact tasks

Module 1: Foundations

Overview of Tasks

Task 1: Anatomy & Development 

Label a basic anatomy chart 

Task 2 & 3: Teaching Methodology 

2: You completed this task when you answered the homework questions in the Engage section

3:  Read the excerpt about the eight intelligences 

Task 4 & 5: Classroom Management 

4. Read the excerpt on non verbal communication & summarise in your own words

5. Read the excerpt on the upstairs / downstairs brain & summarise in your own words

Task 6: Ethics 

Read the excerpt titled Modern Ethics: Beyond the Yamas and Niyamas

Task 7: Teaching Techniques

Watch the video series “Light Up Little Lights” for 5-8 year olds & 8-12 year olds to see how themes are used to teach children’s yoga & reflect upon what you observed.