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Non contact tasks

Module 4: Teens 

Overview of Tasks

Time: 1.5 hours

To email to : Task 3


Task 1: Anatomy & Development 

Read the excerpt on latency from “Untangled” in your manual


Task 2: Ethics

Read the excerpt from "the Department of Education and Training, Standard of Practice 201 " in your manual. 


Task 3: Classroom Management

Read the case study and comment how you would respond & manage the situation. 

Type your answers and email to 


Task 4: Techniques

Watch (or better still, participate in) the teen yoga videos by Stacey on the Inspired Kids Yoga YouTube channel

Circle of Joy

Sun Salutes

Powerful (advanced) flow

Guided Relaxation

Bonus Content: 

Here are some video clips that may help you consolidate what you learnt in the training. 

You don't need to watch these for your homework hours, just for your own interest and development. 

Easy to understand explanations about the impact of stress

How stress affects your brain 

How stress affects your body

Classes taught by 14 year old teen yoga teacher, Jaysea Devoe

Rise and Shine

Relax & Restore

Choreographed flows by Stacey

Perfect - Pink

Who You Are- Jesse J

No Ordinary Love- Cover by Pink & Dallas Green

Warrior - Aurora

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