Non contact tasks

Module 4: Teens 

Overview of Tasks

Task 1: Anatomy & Development (1 hour)


A) Read the excerpt from the presentation “Inside the Teen Brain”

B) Read the excerpt from “Untangled” about latency

C) Read the summary of Erik Erikson’s developmental theory for adolescents

D) Watch the video: How stress affects your brain 

E) Watch the video: How stress affects your body

F) Read the “Wheel of Awareness” mindfulness technique & diagram by Dr Dan Siegel


Reflect upon this information. 



Task 2. Ethics (0.5 hours)

A) Ethics in secondary school. Read the excerpt from the Department of Education and Training, Standard of Practice 2016


Task 3: Classroom Management (1 hour)

Read the case study and comment how you would respond & manage the situation


Task 4: Techniques (1 hour)

Watch the videos of Stacey's Teen Girl Yoga flows choreographed to music: 


Who You Are

No Ordinary Love

Sun Salutes (using cues appropriate for teens)

Watch the videos of teen yoga teacher Jaysea Devoe

Rise and Shine

Energising Flow

Relax & Restore

Task 5 & 6: Prac Teaching (0.5 hours)

Guide a teen through belly breathing and one of the Relaxation techniques of your choice (15 mins) 


Task 6: Reflect on the experience

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