Liability Release

I, the parent/ guardian, acknowledge the following:

* I take responsibility for my child's wellbeing during their involvement in this activity. I understand that this physical activity involves some risk of injury.

* I have declared any pre-existing medical or health conditions that may affect my child when they are engaging in this physical activity

* I understand Stacey Louise of Inspired Kids Yoga has a duty of care to uphold in creating safety through her instructional cues, and that outside of that duty of care, any injuries or loss are my responsibility. I hereby release Stacey Louise and Inspired Kids Yoga from liability arising from injury or loss outside of duty of care.

5 Classes Age 3-5 Mon

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    Billing form: feel free to enter your suburb in (and again in "city") to protect your privacy, although- rest assured- nothing will be mailed to you. 

    Zoom link: Once your payment is submitted you will receive an email with a PDF to download with the zoom link, password and instructions. 

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