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Does your child need to learn how to be calm and quiet?  “Light Up Little Lights- Imagination Series” is a Kids Yoga DVD created especially for children aged 5-8. It features three age- appropriate yoga classes and three guided meditations. Through storytelling and mindful movement your child will build body awareness, balance, strength & flexibility and experience calm and quietness in the gorgeous guided meditations. Featuring affirmations such as "I am special"; "I am loved"; "I believe in me" help to instill positive thinking and  a strong self esteem in your child. 

Light Up Little Lights- Imagination for 5-8s

  • Professionally filmed and edited in Australia. Parents love that their kids can be engaged in something wholesome whilst in front of the TV. Kids love the storytelling, fun movements and watching the other children. They are guided effortlessly into a calm and peaceful state. 

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