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Non contact tasks

Module 7: Inclusive Classroom 

Overview of Tasks

Time: 0.5 hour

To email to : Task 1 

Task 1: Share an overall reflection on your view of including children in your classes after watching these videos. 


Note, these videos may cause emotional triggers. 

I suggest you watch them over a few sessions. 

Asthma attack (4.22 mins)

Cystic Fibrosis - A day in the life of Harrison & Jackson (7.36 mins)

Diabetes- Molly’s story (4.03 mins) 

Encopresis Explained (5.45 mins)

ADHD child vs Non ADHD child interview (5.44 mins) 

ADHD As A Difference In Cognition, Not A Disorder: Stephen Tonti at TEDxCMU (13.36 mins)

Autism-  Carly Fleischmann (7.33 mins)

Autism Awareness. Through the eyes of autism (1.25 mins)

Sesame Street video on autism 1 (3.15)
Sesame Street video on autism 2 ( 2.02 mins)

Aspergers from a teen’s perspective (32 mins- just skim through this to get a sense of it)

Connie Inglis recovers from Anorexia & uses Instagram to help (1.42 mins)

Aussie girl fights anorexia (4.43 mins)

Australian girl, Sofia, shares her cancer journey (8 mins)


Teen cancer stories (11.07 mins)

News report of yoga in hospital for kids with cancer  (3.33 mins) 


Gentle bed yoga for cancer patients (16.14 mins) 

Mindfulness with visually impaired (4.42 mins)


Yoga for deaf and hard of hearing kids (4.33  mins) 

The Special Yoga Centre (8.20 mins)

Yoga in School (1.55 mins)

Yoga for people with special needs (17.30 mins)


Club 21 Yoga for Children with Downs Syndrome (1.46 mins)

Yoga and Children with Downs Syndrome - excerpt from an old DVD (6.54 mins)

Yoga helps an 11 year old with CP (3.04 mins)

An online class for wheelchair yoga (30 mins- feel free to just skim through this to get the idea)


Emma receives a doll just like her (2.06 mins)


Task 4-5: Ethics & Philospohy (0.5 hour)


4: Read the article “Touch And Adjustment In Yoga Teaching & Yoga Therapy” 


5: Read the article about how to make your yoga classes trauma informed 



Task 6-7: Classroom Management (1.5 hours)


6: Answer questions about a case study 


7: Comment on the sample message to parents 



Task 8-9: Teaching Practice (1 hour)

8: Plan a lesson and teach a 1:1 session with a child who has special needs


9: Write a self reflection on your teaching experience. 

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