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Inspired Kids Calm Coach Level 1

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An Inspired Kids Calm Coach helps kids & teens to learn and embody tools that help them to overcome the stresses of modern daily life; soothe anxiety; regulate their emotions and find their "inner calm'.

​The first step is Level 1. 


Simple, yet comprehensive, you can watch this short series of videos from your phone or computer. 


In this self-paced training, you will learn:

💙 6  key breathing techniques that you can share with all ages


​🩵 10 relaxation & meditation practices (with the option to learn how to create your own meditation) 


💙 20 activities to help kids, teens & families to regulate their emotions


​🩵 PLUS all of the easy to understand, step by step tutorials that explain WHY and HOW to teach these tools to kids



You will also be given my unique framework (that has been tried & tested for over 18+ years that I have been a Kid's Yoga Teacher), so that you can easily & successfully put all of the pieces together into your own, personalised class or workshop for kids, teens & families to help them feel calm, courageous & compassionate. 

Start Level 1 at any time.


No prior experience required. 

Inspired Kids Calm Coach Level 1 is a low risk, starting point to helping kids to feel calm. 

Sign up today to get 40% off.

Limited to the first 20 people only. May 2024. 

What Calm Coach Training participants say...

It is easy to get started...

Embarking on study can feel overwhelming for some people, especially if it has been a while since you did any formal learning or training or if you perceive yourself as not able to stay motivated to complete "self paced" courses.


Calm Coach Level 1 is EASY and the perfect place to start. 

💙 Simply download an app to watch the videos on your phone or click a link to watch from your computer


​🩵 Short 5-10 min videos so you can squeeze it into the gaps of your day (instead of scrolling social media)

💙 ​​There is a supportive, inspiring community chat group that you are instantly a part of to help you stay inspired and motivated


🩵 ​​There are only 3 hours of training, so Level 1 is a quick, affordable and EASY way to get started.


Sign up today to get 40% off.

Limited to the first 20 people only. May 2024. 

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Who is this training for?

💙 Yoga Teachers wanting to teach kids & teens or be a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher


​🩵 Allied Health professionals 

💙 ​​Mental Health professionals


🩵 ​​Nurses; pathology & health professionals 


​💙 Educatorsearly learning; kindy; primary; secondary; support; tutors


🩵 Life coaches wanting to coach children/ families 

💙 Adults who wish to share tools with kids they care about

🩵 You? 

Sign up today to get 40% off.

Limited to the first 20 people only. May 2024. 

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"You deliver content in such an informative and easy to understand way. The PDF notes are great.  I'm so eager for the next modules." 

Kids Aerial Yoga & Yoga Teacher

Want more?

If you love the Calm Coach Level 1, you can upgrade to: 

💙 Calm Coach Level 2 (add on videos for early childhood; teens; teaching workshops)


​🩵 Calm Coach Level 3 (add on videos for coaching emotional intelligence; one on one sessions; Autism; Trauma)

💙 ​​Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training


🩵 ​​Registered Children's Yoga Teacher certificate with Yoga Alliance

Calm Coach Level 1 is the starting point for all of these options, so that you can learn the key tools that you MUST know before advancing any further. It is a great opportunity to see if this training style aligns with you and your needs.

Choose the right training option for you...

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Stacey Louise Headshot_edited.jpg

About Your Training Facilitator  - Stacey

Stacey Louise is one of Australia's most experienced and inspirational Children's Yoga Teachers.  

Having always loved being with children, Stacey wanted to be a Kindy or Primary School Teacher, but once she started studying a Bachelor of Education, she found that it wasn't creative enough for her. She changed pathways and completed a Bachelor of Communication instead, which landed her a job working at Network TEN in Children's Television production followed by live to air news production. All the while, Stacey was practicing yoga and teaching group fitness classes before and after work. 

Eventually the stress of the TV industry got too much and coupled with a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease, the decision was made to prioritise health. 

She started her own business in 2005, teaching Yoga and fitness classes for both adults and children. Since 2012, Stacey has been facilitating Children’s Yoga Teacher Training. The Inspired Kids Training courses are practical, authentic, down to earth and whole-hearted. You will be encouraged to weave your own unique gifts, experiences, values and qualities into your interactions with children.

Over the past two decades, there have been many full circle moments, where the side steps along her career path have been beautifully integrated. For example, Stacey’s first experience of meditation was in a high school drama class- now she gets to teach meditation to school students. Her dream to be a Kindy teacher has turned into her dream job of teaching yoga to kindy aged children and facilitating training for their teachers. Her experience working in TV production and her desire to use the medium of television to educate and inspire kids to move their bodies mindfully, has led to the creation of many videos, TV appearances and online courses. And her greatest legacy is “Calm Fairies” where Stacey used her own experience of enduring hundreds of needles and medical appointments to create a program that helps children in hospital to cope with the stress of medical settings using the tools of Yoga.

Beyond all of her qualifications and achievements, it is Stacey’s passion for holding space and empowering others to find their way ‘home’ to their hearts and their true self that makes her shine the brightest.


~ Registered Senior Level Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia)

~ Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)

~ Registered Children’s Yoga Training School (Yoga Alliance)

~ Yoga Therapist working in Children’s Hospital wards (since 2005)

~ Short courses in : Trauma Informed Yoga for Children; Play Therapy; Meditation; Zen Thai Massage

~ AcroYoga Teacher

~ Kidfit Instructor; Group Fitness Leader; Personal Trainer (Cert 4 Fitness)

~ Bachelor of Communication (Theatre/ Screen Production)

~ Bachelor of Primary Education (first year only, not completed) 

~ Currently studying a Diploma of Counselling 


Career Highlights

~ Founder of “Calm Fairies” hospital program & app

~ Presenting a Yoga class on Peppa Pig You Tube Channel

~ Producing a Kids Yoga video series that screened globally on Gaia TV

~ Teaching Kids Yoga at Wanderlust Festivals at Sunshine Coast; Melbourne; Sydney; NZ 

~ Travelling around QLD teaching over 80 workshops for Kindy teachers in 2022 & 2023

~ Presenting at C & K early childhood national conference

~ Teaching Yoga at All Hallows Girls School for 14 years

~ Teaching AcroYoga around Australia

~ Performing AcroYoga on national TV

~ Part of the Being Yoga Teacher Training team (Level 1 & 2)

~ Presenting Yoga Therapy at Yoga Fest

~ Presenting calm tools to nurses & pharmacists in hospital

~ Being a Yoga teacher at the EndED (Eating Disorders)  "House of Hope" mindful studio 

~ Teaching Yoga to children in a refuge for domestic violence survivors

~ Working in Network TV production

~ Positively impacting the lives of thousands of people over 2 decades


"Thank you Stacey for being such a wonderful facilitator. All of your training is so thorough and comprehensive.

I have loved the content and the format of the Calm Coach training.


The flexibility of the short videos and detailed training notes, make them easy to watch, practice and implement as you go along.

The training platform is great, being able to access and rewatch modules on demand such a valuable resource."


Calm Coach graduate, 95hr RCYT Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher

Get started now with Level 1

Sign up today to get 40% off.

Limited to the first 20 people only. May 2024. 

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