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Private Sessions for Kids & Teens

A one on one "Calm Coach" session combines the understanding of the neurobiology of developing kids with a range of modalities- yoga + mindfulness + breathing + art therapy + play therapy. The sessions are designed for kids aged 4-17 years who would thrive with a tailored program to help their specific needs.  

Every session will guide your child/ teen into a place of empowerment and offer them the skills and guidance they need to find more balance, resilience and calm in their daily life.

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Ideal for kids with:

* Anxiety (including medical procedural anxiety 

Autism / Sensory Processing issues


* Asthma

* Eating Disorders/ Digestive issues

* Trauma

* Hypermobility

* Back pain

Each 30-60 minute session will feature:

* engaging activities to captivate their interest and form connection

* acknowledging & normalising their current feeling and mental state 

* therapeutic movements specific to their body's needs

* Other modalities- eg. play therapy, art therapy, juggling, craft etc

* calm breathing

* guided relaxation

* tips for home practice 

Costs: from $60-$175 (depending on location; duration; NDIS etc) 

Yes, you may be able to claim on NDIS. Email me for the code to see if you have funding in that area. 

Locations: Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast; Rockhampton, Coffs Harbour, Dalby; Toowoomba

"Your time with her is so much more effective than the psychologist. Your sessions have the complete opposite effect.  She's excited to show me what she's learnt & tries putting techniques into action when she's highly anxious. She was super motivated & committed to looking after herself this past week." 

~Mum of a private client

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You're in safe hands

I have taught Children's Yoga for 18 years, and facilitate a registered training school to certify other yoga teachers how to teach Children's Yoga. I've created 20 hours of online course material and written hundreds of pages of training manuals. 


I have worked with many children with high levels of stress in my role as a Yoga Therapist in a Children's Inpatients hospital ward for 11 years + as a Yoga Teacher in a mental health ward in Brisbane for 7 years.


I also have worked one on one as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher for both adults and children for 10 years. I will draw upon this experience to find the right tools to help your child/ teen feel safe and calm. 


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