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Calm Tools for Kindy

Kindy Uplift supplier provider workshops Kids Yoga for Kindy Uplift

Do you want to learn how to help children feel calm at kindy? 


Join me for a series of Professional Development workshops, where you will learn how to teach simple yoga movements, mindfulness and breathing techniques throughout the kindy day.


The workshop series fits into both Physical and Social / Emotional capabilities and is a perfect blend of practical yoga and mindfulness techniques with theoretical concepts from experts in the fields of brain development; human behaviour; trauma and somatic practices. 


1. Calm Tools for Kindy: learn about the stress response & how it leads to dysregulated behaviour; movements & breathing to help with emotional regulation; the importance of effective co-regulation; how executive brain functioning is impaired & can be enhanced; how to build children's capacity to focus their mind & appreciate quiet, restful, calm time.


2. Yoga Moves & Storytelling & Calm Transitions : yoga poses taught with nursery rhymes; stories & group activities to help bring cohesion & connection to the group and create a fun experience where everyone belongs; tools to help build children's capacity to focus their mind & appreciate quiet, restful, calm time.

3. Calm Tools for Kids with Trauma: Learn some key calming tips for kids who have experienced trauma. The pre-requisite for this workshop is "Calm Tools for Kindy" which can be done on the same day or earlier date. 

4. Calm Tools for Kids with Autism: Learn some key calming tips for kids who are (or suspected to be) on the Autism Spectrum. The pre-requisite for this workshop is "Calm Tools for Kindy" which can be done on the same day or earlier date. 


5. Class with children (1 hour):  To model the tools to staff with the children, after staff have done a workshop. 

6. Coaching with staff (1 hour): To follow up after the workshop to help you implement what you learnt and to create a personalised plan, which can also include self care to help improve co-regulation. In person or online.

7. Combination: Combine a couple of topics with an optional quick revision of the previously attended workshop.

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Already participated in a workshop with me? Click here for follow up resources.

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Tailored to your needs

  • Allow two hours per topic

  • These workshops can be delivered in person or on zoom in real time

  • Workshop topics can be combined to suit your needs

  • Workshop duration can meet your needs & are billed at the rate of "half day" 3 hours) or "full day" (6 hours = breaks)

  • The pre-recorded course package (details below) feature similar, but sightly different content to the live workshops

  • There is an option to combine the pre-recorded course package with some staff coaching sessions online to help you implement what you have learnt 

“Theory explained really well. Very practical. I feel confident to use it with children. One of the best workshops I’ve been to. Thank you.” 

~Kindy teacher, Face to face workshop, 2022

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Training Format Options:

  • Face to face workshops: can be tailored to the time you have available but are invoiced at "half day" or "full day" set rates. 

  • Face to face modelling classes with children and teachers (1 hour)

  • Online group workshops: taught in real time over zoom (1-2 hours) 

  • Online coaching with staff in real time over zoom (1 hour) 

  • Pre-recorded online courses (2-5 hours, work at your own pace, see details below)

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Pre-recorded, online course package

Not able to find back fill staff or get a day off for training? No worries!

There is an online course package with pre-recorded videos, that you can work through at your own pace. This video package is a total of 5.5 hours, broken down into bite-size chapters with clear demonstrations & downloadable notes.


Courses included in the package:

  1. Breathing for Anxious Kids

  2. Calm Tools for Anxious Kids

  3. Brain Breaks for Overwhelmed Kids

  4. Calm Tools for Early Childhood

  5. Kids yoga classes x3


Add on to the pre-recorded package:

You can order the pre-recorded video package, and add on some zoom sessions to give you the additional workshops topics that aren't available in pre-recorded format. (Yoga moves & Storytelling & Calm Transitions; Calm Tools for Autism)


You can also add the coaching call onto the video package to help you implement what you have learnt in the classroom. 

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"Having us participate in the activities helped us to retain them easily and incorporate them into our teaching practice. I began implementing them the day after the workshop "

~Kindergarten Teacher- Mackay, Online workshop participant, 2022

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ABC Yoga Sequence

Here is a little yoga sequence to the ABC song that  you can do with the kids right away- they love it! 

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

*  YES- The workshops are a blend of sitting on chairs, moving, talking, discussing, experiencing, practice teaching & breaks. No- we aren't just talking the whole time, nor doing Yoga poses for 3-6 hours! 

*  YES- Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in and sit on the floor in. (Jeans and skirts aren't ideal). No- you don't need to wear lycra yoga pants! 

* YES- I will be sharing the practices and tools of Yoga, but no, I won't be sharing any religious practices. The workshop makes no reference to Yoga's Hindu roots, and instead takes a modern-day, non-denominational approach. Rather than devotional practices, the workshop is a blend of the theories from neuroscience, somatic movement and relaxation practices.

* YES- you will get a certificate with your PD hours listed. No- you won't come out of this workshop as qualified Children's Yoga Teacher. 

 * YES- we can travel to your location!

* YES - you can combine with other kindys and split costs.

* YES - please provide your own lunch/ snacks/ water. 

* YES -  the workshop is facilitated in your kindy (We just need the space you use for storytelling. If you have a large group, we may need to clear more space/ hire a hall). 

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"Excellent workshop- loved hearing about the theoretical underpinning and having that united with the practical exercises."

Kindergarten Inclusion Officer- Brisbane, 2022

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About Your Facilitator

Stacey Louise is one of Australia's most experienced and inspirational Children's Yoga Teachers. 


Prior to teaching Children's Yoga in 2005, she was teaching kid's fitness classes; studying to be an early years primary school teacher, and working on set on a children's TV show at Network TEN. 

Working in children's hospital wards for over 18 years, Stacey founded the "Calm Fairies" hospital program, where paediatric patients are guided through calming activities during their hospital stay. 

Using her experience in Children's TV, Stacey produced a series of kids yoga DVDs which sold all over Australia and features on Gaia TV. In 2021, Peppa Pig invited Stacey to create a yoga class for the Peppa Pig You Tube channel. 

Since 2012, Stacey has been training Yoga Teachers to specialise in Children's Yoga, through her Registered Children's Yoga Teacher Training School, "Inspired Kids Yoga". A high number of enquiries for the training came from professionals who work with children. This led to a series of workshops being created that included the best TOOLS of yoga, without having to do an entire Yoga Teacher Training. These workshops were turned into online courses during COVID lockdown and released under her "Calm Fairies" brand. 

In 2022 & 2023, Stacey has delivered over 80 workshops for kindy teachers (+30 children's yoga classes) in 70 kindergartens across 39 different regions around Queensland. Are you ready to experience a workshop too?

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