Kids Yoga Teacher Training; Courses & Workshops

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If you want to help kids feel calm, courageous and compassionate, there is a training option for you: 

* short online courses

* free webinars

* face to face Professional Development workshops

* One on one mentorship 

* Calm Coach Training

* Registered Children's Yoga Teacher Training


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Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training in 2022

 Kids Yoga, Children's Yoga, Yoga Teacher Training, Online courses, yoga for kids, online kids yoga classes, online children's yoga

The landscape of kids yoga sure has changed over the years since Inspired Kids Yoga first started in 2005. 

In this video, I share with you why I made the decision to merge Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training with my online Calm Coach Training in 2022. 


If you're not sure what will be the best course of action for you, fill out this form.

We will get back to you with a recommendation & more info. 


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Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Since 2012, Inspired Kids Yoga has been training Yoga Teachers to teach inspiring, authentic, heartfelt yoga classes for kids and teens. 

With a focus on QUALITY over quantity, the smaller groups invite an intimate training experience where you are not lost amongst the crowd, you can ask questions, practice teaching, receive feedback and be a part of a supportive community after the training. 

In 2022, the full 95 hour Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT) certification training will be offered online.  

The training is designed for Yoga Teachers who wish to specialise in Children's Yoga. 

After graduating from the training, yoga teachers can register as an RCYT with Yoga Alliance. Yoga Teachers who are registered with Yoga Australia can claim 53 CPD points and list Children's Yoga as their speciality area of teaching. 

If you are not a yoga teacher and just want to learn the tools of yoga to share with kids in your current profession- check out a Calm Fairies workshop or online course. 


"The Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training has absolutely changed my life. 

There is so much wisdom and heart put into the course.  I walked away feeling like I was overflowing with knowledge and passion and ideas. The training changed my life in my own yoga practice, my parenting choices, my confidence. Every aspect of my life has had an improvement. 


And I credit that to Stacey for reminding me of my unique gifts and my soul's purpose. An absolutely wonderful, informative, inspiring, honest and heartfelt course. Thank you."


Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training Graduate


Professional Development Workshop

Do you work with kids who are anxious? Do you sometimes wish you could offer them more help to feel calm? (And also know what NOT to do!) 


This workshop is designed for educators; classroom teachers; health professionals (including mental health and allied health); Kids Yoga Teachers; Coaches and the like!

The workshop will include:

* understanding the different ways that anxiety presents

* a simple technique to help communicate with anxious kids

* a variety of tools that can be used "in the moment"  

* how to teach breathing and relaxation effectively to kids

* the tranquil surrounds of the rainforest + a catered lunch   


* Sunshine Coast

* Bundaberg

* Enquire for Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville or your location

* Tailored online options available for your workplace 


"Well presented and at a good pace. A lot covered in one day with lots of long and short term ideas and activities to implement." 

~Primary School Teacher 

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Online courses

Do you want to learn how to teach kids and teens the yoga tools that will empower them to feel safe and calm- right from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace?


There are a variety of online courses available, created under my other brand, Calm Fairies. 

Courses include:

* Breathing for Anxious Kids

* Calm Tools for Anxious Kids

* Brain Breaks for Overwhelmed Kids

* Calm Tools for Early Childhood

* Calm Tools for Teens

* Meditation Tools for Kids

The courses: 

* range from 40 minutes to 2.5 hours

* are broken down into short, bite-size sections

* feature clear demonstrations 

* include downloadable comprehensive notes

* are designed for health professionals (including mental health and allied health); educators; classroom teachers; Kids Yoga Teachers; Coaches; parents and the like!

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"You deliver content in such an informative and easy to understand way. The PDF notes are great. I'm so eager for the next modules." 


Kids Aerial Yoga & Yoga Teacher

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Calm Coach Training

Would you like to run some workshops or one on one sessions with kids?  

Calm Coach Training Level 1:

* 6 online modules

* 1 x group mentorship session

* work at your own pace 

* 13 hours/ min 1 month 

Calm Coach Training Level 2: 

* 9 online modules

* 3 x group mentorship sessions

* work at your own pace 

* template to help you run your own workshops

* 25 hours/ min 3 months

Calm Coach Training Level 3: 

* 14 online modules

* 12 x group mentorship sessions

* 3 x 1:1 mentorship

* templates to help you run your own 1:1 sessions + workshops 

* licence agreement to use the Calm Coach branding

* 65 hours/ min 6 months



"Thank you Stacey for being such a wonderful facilitator. All of your training is so thorough and comprehensive.

I have loved the content and the format of the Calm Coach training.


The flexibility of the short model videos and detailed training manuals, make them easy to watch, practice and implement as you go along.

The training platform is great, being able to access and rewatch modules on demand such a valuable resource."


Calm Coach graduate, 95hr RCYT Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher



Are you a Kids Yoga Teacher who needs a burst of inspiration? Perhaps you have a whole book of ideas, but are not sure how to put it all together? Maybe you have let time lapse since you graduated and have lost confidence about teaching? Or you may be feeling overwhelmed with planning a lesson or event, or are experiencing some students with challenging behaviour. 

Through a series of mentorship sessions, you will be supported by Stacey's 16 years experience of teaching Kids Yoga. These sessions are open to graduated Kids Yoga Teachers (either from Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training or elsewhere).


We can explore: 

* Lesson & term planning

* Finding your niche

* Business set up 

* How to teach students with challenging behaviour

Online sessions available + upcoming workshop at Sunshine Coast in July, 2022

"I got so much out of our first session. I don't feel frightened to sit and plan now. Less overwhelmed, more contained, less procrastination. Better time management means I can actually enjoy some down time now too. Couldn't have asked for the first session to be more perfect" 


Kids Yoga Teacher

On a Video Call
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FREE webinar

If you love being with kids and love learning about yoga, meditation, art therapy, emotional regulation, brain science and how you can combine all of these things to facilitate one on one sessions and workshops with kids who are anxious, are on the Autism Spectrum or have experienced trauma - then you will want to hear about the training on offer in 2022. 

This free webinar is open to educators; classroom teachers; health professionals (including mental health and allied health); Kids Yoga Teachers; Coaches; parents and the like!

The 1 hour webinar will include:

* understanding the different ways that anxiety presents

* a simple technique to help connect with anxious kids

* knowing when NOT to use calm tools!  

* information about the training options in 2022

Register to receive the recording if you missed the live version 


Got questions?

Most concerns simply need clarification and some good old fashioned communication.  


Send an email and I will happily answer your questions either via email or over the phone if you prefer.