Training Options


Whether you are a Yoga Teacher; an Allied Health professional classroom Teacher; Early Learning Educator; Counsellor, Mentor, concerned parent or anything in between, Inspired Kids Yoga has a training program for you.

From half day workshops, to workplace professional development days or 6 month training courses - there is a way you can be inspired to help kids & teens learn the tools they need to feel calm, courageous & compassionate. 

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95 hours

Registered Children's Yoga Teacher Training.

Create fun, heartfelt,  yoga classes to teach kids aged two-teen how to be calm, courageous & compassionate.



6 month training 

March- August 2020




Integrate yoga tools into your own program or workplace to coach anxious kids & teens into a calm state.

For coaches, teachers, mentors, allied health professionals.

6 month training

May- November 2020

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Help anxious kids & teens feel safe & calm

in medical settings.

On the job training for

Calm Coaches who wish to specialise in medical settings.

Feeling undecided?

Unsure of which option suits you best? 

Love the sound of it, but not sure what you see yourself doing with it at the end?

Or are you drawn to all 3 options?! (I love your enthusiasm- let's work out your first step so that you don't get lost in overwhelm!)

Once you have read more about each training option, if you still feel undecided about which path to take, maybe we need to have a chat on the phone so I can help you get more clear and answer any questions you may have that will help you make the right decision.


Most people feel much more clear after we have had a talk.

Book in directly to my calendar at a time that works for you.

"Stacey has a wonderful gift of explaining tricky yoga philosophy for everyone to understand and apply easily. Her tools for planning and teaching leave you feeling highly prepared to apply all you have learnt."

~Kathryn Avery

Children & Teens Yoga Teacher

Receive my Top 5 Calm Coach Tips for FREE 

Do you want to know my top 5 tips for helping kids who experience anxiety?

I created the Calm Coach training for parents, teachers, educators, youth mentors, counsellors and allied heath professionals to learn the basics of Inspired Kids Yoga combined with key tools from other modalities: coaching; play therapy; art therapy;  music therapy + more.  We explore and expand upon these top 5 tips in workshops, professional development days and in a full 6 month training where you can become a Calm Coach.  


You can get my top 5 tips to helping anxious kids feel calm, right here for FREE. 

Got questions?

Most concerns simply need clarification and some good old fashioned communication and I am here to make your journey into teaching yoga to kids and teens as smooth and joyful as possible. 


Send an email and I will happily answer your questions either via email or over the phone if you prefer.  

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