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Yoga Videos

Your whole family can practice yoga right now in the comfort of your own home.


Inspired Kids Yoga has a yoga class for everyone- from ages two to teen (and one for the parents too!) 


Whether you want to download exclusive content or watch  free classes on You Tube- I've got you covered! 

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Join Stacey and everyone's favourite pig for an engaging yoga class taught with the storybook, "Peppa Loves Yoga". 

This class was filmed as part of the official Peppa Pig Mindfulness Event, October 2021, where kids practise a mindfulness technique each day, get sponsored and raise money for Save the Children to help kids who are doing it tough. 

The creative class plan includes:

* spinal warm ups

* classic yoga poses like downward dog, tree pose and warrior pose

* leg stretches

* calm breathing

* a guided body scan

* mindful fingertips

The class is engaging and playful, yet guides kids to a state of calm.  

Inspired Kids Yoga + Peppa Pig

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The Light Up Little Lights Kids Yoga series was born out of the intention to teach children calm tools and to inspire them to confidently shine their unique light into the world. The videos screened on Food Matters TV; Gaia TV; sold on DVD and features in libraries around Australia.


There are 9 yoga classes in total:

* 3 classes for kids aged 2-5 in the Animals series

(Jungle Animals; Caring for Pets; Ocean Animals)

* 3 classes for kids aged 5-8 in the Imagination series

(Tiny Hidden World; Magic, Miracles & Me; Space To Be Me)

* 3 classes for kids aged 8-12 in the Chakra series

(Power Within; Heartfelt Gratitude; I am Wise) 

Kids are guided to move and stretch their bodies into yoga poses through age appropriate themes, before being guided through a calming, guided relaxation with affirmations.

Light Up Little Lights Kids Yoga Videos

Animals Series
for 2-5 year olds

Episode 1: Jungle animals

Episode 2: Pets at Home 


Episode 3: Ocean Animals


The deeper messages are: 

* there is a time to be quiet & listen & a time to have your voice heard 

* be kind & considerate 

* calm down to prepare for sleep

Each episode runs 15-20 mins

Imagination Series
for 5-8 year olds

Episode 1: Magic, Miracles, Me 

(dragons & angels)

Episode 2:  Tiny, Hidden World

(creatures in the garden)

Episode 3: Space To Be Me 

(space adventure)


The deeper messages are: 

* you are unique

* look closely, pay attention

* see magic in everything

* in space, you can just be YOU​

Each episode runs 20-25 mins

Chakra Series
for 8-12 year olds

Episode 1: Power Within 

(Solar Plexus chakra / strength)

Episode 2: Heartfelt Gratitude

(Heart chakra / self love & gratitude)

Episode 3: I am Wise

(Third Eye chakra / intuition) 

The deeper messages are:

* you are powerful

* your body is amazing

* there is so much to be grateful for

* you are wise, follow your intuition

Each episode runs 20-30 mins


"The Light Up Little Lights Kids Yoga Videos are a life saver in our house. Happy kids- happy Mama."


Mum of 5 

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YouTube classes for kids & Teens

There are plenty of free yoga classes on the Inspired Kids Yoga YouTube channel organised into playlists for different ages.  

* 2-7s  (includes: Peppa Loves Yoga; The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Where's the Green Sheep)

* 8-12s (includes: Sun Salutes; Be Strong flow; Power Within; Partner Yoga; )

* Teens (includes: Sun Salutes; Chill Flow; Yoga for Sleep; choreographed flows to music) 


"Yoga for Every Body" is a 90 minute flow class suitable for teens and adults, with options for beginner, intermediate and pregnancy. 


​ The class has a steady, rhythmical flow overlayed with serene beach scenes and to the beautiful soundtrack of  "Sacred Earth Music", leaving you feeling connected to your body and clear in your mind.


If you don't feel like you can comfortably carve out 90 minutes from your day for yourself, you can create a shorter practice by choosing from the 11 chapters on offer. 

  • Starting out:  The first 3 chapters will feel like a complete all body warm up practice

  • An energising, morning practice: Add in chapter 4- Greet the Day which is the classic yoga "sun salute"

  • Intermediate practice: Add in "Surrender to the flow" and "Finding Balance" which offer some challenges

  • Wind down in the evening: with the chapters " Release"; "Restore"; "Reconnect" & "Breathe" to calm down

Yoga for Teens & Adults 

"I'm SO excited to be able to practice with you again.

You offer the most wonderful space and gentleness "



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