Non contact tasks

Module 3: Early Childhood

Overview of Tasks

Task 1-3: Anatomy & Development (1 hour)

1: Read the article “The Benefits of Play Therapy” and answer a question.


2: Read the Erikson’s Psycho developmental stage and answer a question. 


3: Watch a series of short video clips about brain development and attachment theories and share your insights.

    Name it to tame it

    Mirror Neurons 

    Trigger of fight flight “flip your lid”

    Disorganised attachment

    Ambivalent attachment

    Avoidant attachment

    Optimal attachment

    Nurture a Shy Child


Task 4: Techniques (1 hour)

4: Watch the 3 episodes of the DVD series “Light Up Little Lights” and share your observations.



Task 5 & 6: Teaching Practice (1 hour)

5: Teach a 15 minute class to a child aged 2-5 using either a nursery rhyme or storybook.


6: Write a self reflection on your teaching experience. 

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