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Non contact tasks

Module 3: Early Childhood

Overview of Tasks

Time: 2 hours

To email to : Task 2

Task 1: Techniques (1 hour)

Watch an episode of  “Light Up Little Lights” Kids Yoga for ages 2-5 on the DVD you received at training, or online by clicking here:  Pets at Home

Watch the videos of Stacey's storybook classes on the Inspired Kids Yoga YouTube channel for inspiration.

Rumble in the Jungle

Hungry Caterpillar

Where’s the Green Sheep

Task 2: Teaching Practice (1 hour)
Create your own lesson plan for ages 2-5 using a storybook for your theme.

(Choose a different story to the ones featured in the videos.)

Email your lesson plan as PDF attachment to 


Here are some video clips that may help you consolidate what you learnt in the training. 

You don't need to watch these for your homework hours, just for your own interest and development. 

    Name it to tame it

    Mirror Neurons 

    Trigger of fight flight “flip your lid”

    Nurture a Shy Child

    Optimal attachment

    Ambivalent attachment

    Avoidant attachment

    Disorganised attachment

   Explanation: The Strange Situation (1970s attachment study for secure attachment by Mary Ainsworth) 

   Video of babies with secure vs insecure / ambivalent attachment 



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