Non contact tasks

Module 5: AcroYoga

Overview of Tasks

Task 1: Anatomy & Development (0.5 hour)

1: Read an article about spinal health in gymnasts and list 3 things that stand out for you as being important in relation to Kids AcroYoga


Task 2: Teaching Techniques (1 hour)

Watch the video on how to teach AcroYoga flying poses. 

Kids AcroYoga with Stacey

AcroYoga on Totally Wild

Spotting tips

Foot positions

Flying pose: bird

Flying pose: butterfly

Flying pose: folded leaf

Flying pose: backbird

Leg Love

Partner Yoga

Task 3 & 4: Teaching Methodology (0.5 hour)

2. Answer the questions about teaching AcroYoga flying poses to kids

3. Look at the AcroYoga circle flows that work well with large groups


Task 5 & 6: Ethics (0.5 hour)

5. Read the article “Touch and Adjustment in Yoga Teaching and Yoga Therapy”


6. Watch a short video 

Watch the video of Krishnamacharya practicing AcroYoga.

(I don't think he got the email about not putting kids under 5 into a deep back bend!) 

Task 7: Classroom Management (0.5 hour)

Read the case study and answer the questions about how you would manage the situation

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