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Non contact tasks

Module 5: AcroYoga

Overview of Tasks

Time: 1 hour

To email to : Task 2


Task 1: Teaching Techniques 

Watch the videos on how to teach AcroYoga flying poses.

(Just watch the relevant section if the video covers other poses.)

Spotting tips

Foot positions

Flying pose: bird

Flying pose: butterfly

Flying pose: folded leaf

Flying pose: backbird

Leg Love

Partner Yoga


Task 2: Classroom Management 

Read the case study and answer the questions about how you would manage the situation.

Email your answers to


Bonus Content- approx 10 mins

Here are some video clips that you may enjoy.  

You don't need to watch these for your homework hours, just for your own interest. 

Kids AcroYoga with Stacey

AcroYoga on Totally Wild

Stacey performing AcroYoga on national TV

Video from 1938 of Krishnamacharya practicing AcroYoga

This video of Krishnamacharya practicing AcroYoga is from 1938.

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (Nov 18, 1888- Feb 28, 1989) is often coined “The Father of Modern Yoga”.

He is one of the greatest influences of yoga in the modern world and was the Guru to B.K.S Iyengar & K. Pattabhi Jois (the father of Astanga Yoga). 


Many people say “AcroYoga is not REAL yoga”. I find this video both fascinating and steeped in good evidence to show that AcroYoga has been practiced by REAL yogis for decades.  

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