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Non contact tasks

Module 7: Inclusive Classroom 

Overview of Tasks

Time: 1 hour

To email to : Task 1 

Task 1: Share an overall reflection on your view of including children in your classes after watching these videos. 

(Note, some of these videos may cause emotional triggers.) 

Inclusion vs exclusion, segregation, integration by QUT (1.57mins)


Education Qld Video about Inclusive Education  (4.27 mins)

Asthma attack (4.22 mins)

Diabetes- Molly’s story (4.03 mins) 

ADHD as told by Ernie and Bert (4 mins)

Sesame Street & Autism: Thomas' story  (6.27 mins)

News Story: Yoga Therapy for Autism  (3.45 mins)

Yoga in School for Special Needs (1.55 mins)

Yoga and Children with Downs Syndrome - excerpt from an old DVD but has some good ideas/ results (6.54 mins)

Club 21 Yoga for Children with Downs Syndrome (1.46 mins)

Gender Identity Terms (1.41 mins)

Yoga Impact Charity - Yoga for Refugees (3.55 mins)

Connection between Yoga & Australian Aboriginal culture- Article by Katie Manitsas


Yoga class for ADHD (13.52 mins)

Yoga Impact Charity- Calming Yoga Class taught in Tamil, Nepali, Arabic

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