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Inspired Kids Yoga Online

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"Online" is the new world we live in... and whilst it isn't my favourite way to connect, it is better than no connection at all. I've been pleasantly surprised actually by how much of a connection I have made with students via the online space. So, if face to face sessions with me aren't possible, check out these options. 

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Online private sessions for kids 

Online private sessions on zoom are designed for kids who physically can't make it to a yoga class, either due to distance; anxiety or medical reasons. I will tailor the activities and duration (30-60 mins) to suit their individual needs. 


Areas that I specialise in: 

* Anxiety (generalised; social; procedural/ medical) 

* Asthma


* Autism

* Eating disorders

Yes! I want my child to learn calm tools in a tailored, online private session.

"Thank you so much. The kids loved that. It was really lovely to have someone they can interact with" 


Mum of kids who did an online session

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Online sessions for schools  


Home learning during lockdown takes its toll on everyone- kids, parents & teachers. If you want to schedule in a little chill out time between lessons, or at the end of a structured day of learning, I will teach a class that is tailored to your group's age & needs. They don't even need to look at the screen the whole time!


Options for: 

* Preschool & Prep

* Primary School

* High School

* Corporate workplaces who have kids at home with parents who are working from home

Yes! Our kids would benefit from some chill out time. 

"Many thanks for the great sessions yesterday. It was excellent how you tailored the online class to the different age groups for our school.

I will certainly be in touch in regards to some more sessions" 


Teacher at Geelong Grammar

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There are a range of free Inspired Kids Yoga classes available for kids; tweens and teens on the YouTube channel. This is ideal for kids who physically aren't able to make it to a class with me, or who want a fun way to exercise and relax at home. 


There are videos for: 

*age  2-7 

* age 8-12 

* Teens

* Peppa Pig fans with Stacey's "Peppa Loves Yoga" class on the official Peppa Pig website

* Light Up Little Lights video series (screened on FMTV & Gaia) 

Yes! I want my child to practice yoga videos at home 

"The Light Up Little Lights Kids Yoga Videos are a life saver in our house. Happy kids- happy Mama."


Mum of 5 

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Personalised Videos  


Is your child having a tough time and would benefit from a little uplifting message of support and a personalised meditation or storybook yoga class that is special to them? I will record a personalised video that they can watch at the times when they need it the most. 


* Short, personalised meditation videos (referencing their name and interests) 

* A personalised Calm Fairies session to help them through a medical procedure

* Storytelling yoga class using their favourite book

Yes! I would love to treat my child to a personalised yoga video 

"The video is so full of goodness! She LOVED it! I loved it- the sprinkling of truth telling and positivity. If I were a 5 year old, I would be feeling calmed and confident."


Nan to a recipient of a personalised video 

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Online mentorship for Kids Yoga Teachers 

Are you a Kids Yoga Teacher who needs a burst of inspiration? Perhaps you have a whole book of ideas, but are not sure how to put it all together? Maybe you have let time lapse since you graduated and have lost confidence about teaching? Or you may be feeling overwhelmed with planning a lesson or event.

I draw upon my 16 years experience teaching Kids Yoga to offer you support through a series of 3 mentorship sessions. These sessions are open to graduated Kids Yoga Teachers (either from my training school or elsewhere).


We can explore: 

* Lesson & term planning

* Finding your niche

* Business set up 

Yes! I need a burst of inspiration to help me feel confident to teach Kids Yoga!

Check out the upcoming Storytelling in Kids Yoga online training

"I got so much out of our first session. I don't feel frightened to sit and plan now. Less overwhelmed, more contained, less procrastination. Better time management means I can actually enjoy some down time now too. Couldn't have asked for the first session to be more perfect" 


Kids Yoga Teacher

On a Video Call
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Online courses for parents; educators & professionals 

Are you a parent or professional who works with kids who are anxious, overwhelmed and hard to engage with? You can learn the calm tools that I've been using with kids for 16 years, without being a Kids Yoga Teacher- at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. The courses are approved for CPD for some professions. These courses are produced through my other brand, "Calm Fairies".


Courses available: 

* "Breathing For Anxious Kids"

* "Calm Tools For Anxious Kids" 

* "Brain Breaks For Overwhelmed Kids"

* "Calm Tools For Early Childhood"

* "Calm Tools for Teens"  

* "Meditation Tools For Kids"

Yes! I want to learn how to confidently deliver the tools that can help kids to feel safe and calm 

"What a lovely course. Your online presentation was simple, engaging and informative. I can’t wait for my next course with you"


School Counsellor

Online Learning.

Claim your FREE online course (valued at $49) 

Got questions?

Most concerns simply need clarification and some good old fashioned communication.  


Send an email and I will happily answer your questions either via email or over the phone if you prefer.  

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