Frequently Asked Questions 


  • Can I start teaching Children's Yoga as soon as I complete the 3 day Foundations course? 

Legally- yes. Yoga is not a legislated profession.

You will need to have insurance + a "working with children" (police check/ blue) card. 


  • What do I need to be a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher? 

To be a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher ("RCYT") with "Yoga Alliance" (the international registration standard for training requirements) they require:  Level 1 Yoga Teacher (200 hours) + 95 hours with a RCYS.  


Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training is a Registered Children's Yoga School ("RCYS") with Yoga Alliance. Stacey is a registered Experienced Yoga Teacher; Lead Trainer and Registered Children's Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. 

Yoga Australia (the registration for Australia and New Zealand) recommend: Level 1 Yoga Teacher (350 hours) + 50 hours of speciality Children's Yoga Teacher Training. However, they no longer have a specific registration category for Children's Yoga Teachers so this is just a recommendation. Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training was a Registered Children's Yoga School ("RCYS") with Yoga Australia when it was a registration category. Stacey is a registered Senior Level Yoga Teacher and Children's Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia. 

In 2021, Inspired Kids Yoga is only offering a 25 hour (3 day) face to face training in July. To add extra hours to make up the required amounts for registration, you will need to do the online courses of specific modules (eg. Early Childhood/ Teens). During COVID times, both registration bodies (Yoga Alliance/ Yoga Australia) are allowing online courses in lieu of face to face hours. I imagine this will change in 2022 when face to face trainings are more available again. Read more about registration here


  • Do I need to register as Registered Children's Yoga Teacher before I can start teaching?

No. Registration is voluntary.  As a professional, my advice is always to follow the path that helps you to be the very best you can be.  When adhering to the guidelines of Yoga Australia/ Yoga Alliance, you will be participating in a lot of hours of study which will give you more knowledge; more experience; more liability and confidence. Being registered is however, not a requirement and not governed, policed, mandated or monitored. 

  • Can I get insurance even if I am not a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher ("RCYT")? 

Yes.  We have a recommended insurance company who will cover you after the Inspired Kids Yoga training. 

Insurance companies may take your fee, however, if there is a claim made and it is found that you don't have adequate training, then the insurance policy may not be effective.  My approach is this: teach only what you you have been taught in the training, and/or only in contexts you are already qualified and insured in.  Eg. If you are a school teacher, you can incorporate what you have learnt into your classroom, provided your teaching insurance will cover you. If you are a Yoga Teacher, you can teach what you have learnt in the module and be covered under your Yoga Insurance. 

  • Can I skip the Foundations module if I have done a similar course with another training provider, and just do a single day module with Inspired Kids Yoga?" 

No, sorry. The Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training has been carefully mapped out as a progressive learning system. The theoretical components; teaching methods and the two frameworks unique to Inspired Kids Yoga that you will learn in the Foundations module sets you up with the knowledge you need for the subsequent modules, which means there can be less repetition and more time for specifics.

  • I am NOT a yoga teacher but I want to teach yoga to children. Can I register?

Even if you are not a Yoga Teacher, you can still apply to register in this training.


  • Is there an exam?

There is no exam. During the course you will be required to participate in practice teaching activities in small groups or pairs, which will show your competency in the course material. 

  • What does the "non contact" hour part of the course involve?

Some of the modules require "homework" which is necessary to complete if you wish to be a RCYT. If you're not intending to be a RCYT, the homework is optional. If you choose it, you will be emailed the tasks and have 2 months to complete them. This is self paced, so you can work on it when it suits you. The tasks may include: reading articles; watching vidoes; writing lesson plans using templates provided in the workbook; teaching a class; writing a self reflection after you teach, etc.

  • What is the cancellation policy? 

Please ensure that this training is right for you, as I do not give refunds. This training is for teachers who are really committed to the work. I do understand that sometimes life throws us a curve ball, so I will consider exceptions provided in writing in extreme cases, at my discretion. In those cases, only a partial refund will be offered. This will be outlined in your registration form.  

  • Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, I understand that creating a dream takes money. Credit cards are accepted. 

  • Do I get a certificate? 

Yes, you will receive a certificate on the day of the course with the "contact" hours and an outline of the areas you will be certified to teach (yoga poses, game, breathing & relaxation). After you submit your "non contact" tasks you will be emailed a second certificate with the total completed hours. 

  • Can I come late/ finish early?

No. You must attend all of the required hours.  Every minute of this course counts. 

I know you have to arrange kids to be looked after/ dropped off/ picked up; yoga classes to get filled; flights to catch; dogs to walk etc.  Making the commitment to do what it takes to show up fully every day is part of the training.

  • I am breastfeeding. How can I make this work?

Good on you super Mum!  Check the break times when you register, so you can organise feeding / expressing times with your carer.  Breastfeeding is welcomed in the classroom if needed so you don't miss out on any content.

As a guide, break times are approx: 10.30am (15 mins); 12.15pm (for a one hour lunch break); 3.15pm (15 mins).

  • I am in a wheelchair or have other special needs. Can I join the training? 

Yes our beautiful venue at Kondalilla is wheelchair accessible. There will be some aspects of practice teaching that will need to be adapted. Once you fill out your application form we can have a chat about your needs and see what's possible. 

  • Do you take photos? 

Yes! We love to capture the moments we share in training and share it with you and our community. If that isn't your cup of tea, we respect that. There is an option on the registration form where you can select "no photos". 

  • Is there role playing?

Yes. I encourage you to step into the role of a child/ teen during a class so you can imagine how they may feel. You do NOT have to imagine your own childhood. The extent in which you role play, if at all, is up to you.

  • Is there touching and group sharing?

Yes. Some modules include partner yoga or simple massage techniques.  You will also be invited to share your thoughts about certain topics in each module. If that makes you feel uneasy, we respect that. Simply communicate with us prior to the training to let us know your preferences and how we can best support you. 

  • What do I wear?

You DO NOT have to wear lycra! However, please wear comfortable, appropriate clothing (leggings or loose capri pants and a top that isn’t too baggy at the front - or have a singlet top underneath ladies) so that you can move easily into shapes where you will be standing with your torso leaning forward, kneeling, sitting on the floor. There will be chairs available if sitting on the floor for long durations is challenging for you. 


  • What do I need to bring?

When you book in you will be emailed a list of things to bring. (yoga mat; pens; snacks etc). If you are travelling to the Sunshine Coast venues and don't want ​​to lug a yoga mat around with you, no problem! Just add it into your registration notes and we will bring one for you. Check your welcome letter after you register. 

  • Is lunch really provided? 

Yep- for real! You read that correctly. All courses at the Sunshine Coast venue are catered. The food is LOW allergenic. Gluten free; mostly dairy free (and can be on request); vegetarian; whole food; filling but not heavy; and yummy!  Let us know if you have further dietry requirements when you register. Just bring water and some snacks for morning and afternoon tea breaks to keep your energy levels up. 

  • Am I too old? I am not sure if I am fit enough... etc etc 

Sometimes, these kind of training opportunities can bring up the self doubt voice that says, "I am not enough".  It will come in all different versions- "I am not young enough...  fit enough... wealthy enough... smart enough... etc". I invite you to sit into this fear, and listen to that voice. Maybe it is an old, old voice that you know well. Ask it why it is coming up and why it wants to block you from this experience? If you are still seeking validation from me, then my answer is "YES. Yes you are enough." You can join the training at any age, with any level of fitness, income or other story. If your intention to teach yoga to kids and teens is true, and if this course feels aligned for you, then you will find a way to make it happen. And you will be welcomed with open arms.   


Still got questions?

If you have a specific question not answered here, please send me an email and I will happily answer your questions either via email or over the phone if you prefer.


Do you just need to have a chat over the phone to be sure that this is the right training for you? All good. Send me an email with your name, phone number and your best time of day to receive calls and I will organise a time and day to call you. 

Most concerns simply need clarification and some good old fashioned communication and I am here to make your journey into teaching yoga to kids and teens as smooth and joyful as possible.