Stacey Louise

(Previously known as Stacey Elmes & Stacey Nelson) 


We all have our story of how yoga found us, and the story of how we hear the gentle whisper of our heart's calling, which sometimes becomes a fierce roar that we can't ignore.  


Here is my story.

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher.


What I didn't know, was that my path to becoming a teacher was going to be a meandering one, with lots of bumps & confusing signposts along the path. I did eventually come full circle, into the most fulfilling teaching career I could ever imagine.

When I was in preschool, I declared I would be a teacher. So, after school I took the logical pathway and started a Bachelor of Education (Primary). After the first year I had an alarming realisation this wasn't the right context for me to teach in, as it didn't address the whole child's development in the way I felt was important.


I changed direction, and went on to complete a Bachelor of Communication (Drama and Screen), with the vision to create a children's TV show to teach kids how to move their bodies and think positive. This dream led me to work at Network TEN for five years in TV studio production on live to air news and a preschool program called 

“In The Box”.   

During this time, I was experiencing anxiety attacks and a doctor recommended that I try yoga. 


Yoga was my saving grace. It not only gave me the joy of movement that I had felt as dancer throughout my entire childhood, but it gave me a sense of calm that I had never experienced before. It was Yoga that carried me through the darkest of days when I was later diagnosed with a chronic health condition.  

Feeling the stress of the TV industry impacting my health, I left my job in 2005, did my first Yoga Teacher training course, and started my own business where I offered yoga & fitness classes for both children and adults. I have since taught yoga in primary & high schools; child care centres; sporting teams; yoga studios & clinical settings.  


Four years after starting my own business, my love for yoga and the beach took over and I moved from the city of Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, to focus on regaining good health and to start fresh with a new business.

In 2008, I took a leap of faith and flew over to California for AcroYoga teacher training with the co-creators Jenny Sauer-Klein & Jason Nemer. Being one of the first four certified AcroYoga teachers in Australia brought great opportunities. 


I toured around Australia teaching workshops; at cool festivals like Woodford Folk Festival; and I even peformed on national TV.  Check it out 

To this day, I love teaching AcroYoga in my kids and teens classes and bringing the elements of conscious communication; trust and community into my teacher training courses; one day retreats and "reconnect" classes.

In 2010-11, I studied Yoga Therapy with Radiant Light Yoga, which forever changed me as a teacher, and helped me along in my own self healing journey.


My most humbling and challenging work to date has been my weekly role as a Yoga Therapist in a children's hospital ward and with children in mental health. As one of the very few Yoga Therapists working with children in a hospital setting in Australia, I am now inspired to share my experiences with others through Calm Fairies

In 2012 I delivered my first Kids Yoga Teacher Training which has now grown into Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

For the following four years, I went on to deliver modules for Level 1 and 2 teacher training with Being Yoga, which helped me to refine my skills in articulating complex yogic concepts into terms that are easy to understand for large groups of people with various experience levels.

For the past five years, I have presented Yoga Therapy classes at Yoga Fest to hundreds of students who have come away feeling informed and inspired. 

I was approached by Australian Life Magazine to feature on the front cover of their 2016 Spring edition.


The greatest thrill for me was having my sequence of Yoga Therapy for Thyroid and Adrenal health published in that same edition.


My hope is that readers all over Australia and New Zealand who are going through a similar health journey to me, were able to find some helpful tips to use specific restorative yoga poses, breathing techniques and affirmations to aid the healing of their thyroid and adrenals. 

I am delighted to be the Kids Yoga teacher at Wanderlust festivals in Australia and New Zealand. Holding a space for the little yogis to give their little bodies and overstimulated minds a chance to rest within the frenzy of the festival is so rewarding for me. 

Providing them a space to express their own love for movement and play brings an element of wonder to the festival, with adult onlookers often commenting that they wanted to join in too!

My time working in TV was not wasted, as I have been able to put my TV skills to good use with the production of the “Light Up Little Lights Kids Yoga” series which screens on Food Matters TV & "Yoga For Every Body" which sold in lululemon stores around Australia & New Zealand and also screens on FMTV.

I have also been interviewed a few times on TV about children's yoga. 

Check out the Kids AcroYoga episode on Totally Wild here.  

Indeed, my career path over the years has been a meandering one, but staying committed to the deep call within my heart to be a teacher, has led me to being in this perfectly prepared place to guide you. 

Beyond all of my accolades and qualifications, it is my PASSION for teaching that allows me to shine brightest. 

It is my deepest intention to teach life skills to help kids and teens be more calm, courageous and compassionate.

My mission is to INSPIRE more people like YOU, by sharing whole heartedly with you everything I have learnt along my journey that will empower you to make your part of the world, a better place. 




* Registered Level 3 Yoga Teacher
* Registered Children's Yoga Teacher
* Registered Teacher Training Course
* Yoga Therapist 
* AcroYoga Teacher
* Kidfit; Group Fitness;  Personal trainer
* Bachelor of Communication (Screen & Drama)

"Stacey is not only an amazing yoga teacher, but she is a beautiful human being. Her passion is contagious and her light shines bright."

~Mila Thomas

Yoga Teacher 

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