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Do you want to feel inspired?

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inspire~  verb


1. to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.


2. breathe in (air); inhale.


Heartfelt Intention

I have spent the past 18+ years shaping Inspired Kids Yoga into what it is today. Over that time of learning and refining my craft there has been one consistent centrepiece: a heartfelt intention to empower kids (and adults who work with children) tools to feel safe and calm; courageous and compassionate. 


I want to help YOU to find what your heartfelt intention is.



Why do you want the kids and teens in your world to learn the tools and embody the practices of yoga?  


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Yoga Classes for Kids & Teens

Do you have an anxious child or teen who would benefit from learning calm tools?
Join an after school class. 

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A variety of options to learn how to teach Yoga to children & teens. From short online courses to a full Registered Children's Yoga Teacher certificate. 

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Workshops for Kindy Teachers

Professional development workshops to teach kindy teachers how to easily share yoga throughout the day in kindergarten to help children be more regulated & calm. 

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There are a range of free videos that your child or teen can access, from storytelling yoga for little ones, to chill out flows for teens or meditations on an app.


Calm Fairies app

Check out the Calm Fairies app if you have a child or teen who is anxious and would enjoy meditations & exercises guided by fairies or if they need some specific guidance in preparing for a medical procedure or coping with a condition.

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About Your Facilitator

Stacey Louise is one of Australia's most experienced and inspirational Children's Yoga Teachers. 


Prior to teaching Children's Yoga in 2005, she was teaching kid's fitness classes; studying to be an early years primary school teacher, and working on set on a children's TV show at Network TEN. 

Working in children's hospital wards for over 18 years, Stacey founded the "Calm Fairies" hospital program, where paediatric patients are guided through calming activities during their hospital stay. 

Using her experience in Children's TV, Stacey produced a series of kids yoga DVDs which sold all over Australia and features on Gaia TV. In 2021, Peppa Pig invited Stacey to create a yoga class for the Peppa Pig You Tube channel. 

Since 2012, Stacey has been training Yoga Teachers to specialise in Children's Yoga, through her Registered Children's Yoga Teacher Training School, "Inspired Kids Yoga". A high number of enquiries for the training came from professionals who work with children. This led to a series of workshops being created that included the best TOOLS of yoga, without having to do an entire Yoga Teacher Training. These workshops were turned into online courses during COVID lockdown and released under her "Calm Fairies" brand. 

In 2022 & 2023, Stacey has delivered over 80 workshops created specifically for kindy teachers in kindergartens around QLD. 

Stacey is passionate about sharing the practices that have helped her so much through her life and aims to make training as practical, authentic, down to earth and whole-hearted as possible. She has a gift for helping you find and shine your special qualities into the sessions that you facilitate with children. 

Click here to read Stacey's full journey & qualifications

"Stacey is a remarkable woman. Her classes are inspiring, elegant and fun.

Her teacher trainings are unparalleled in quality of delivery and content.  "


Yoga Teacher 

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