Welcome to Inspired Kids Yoga...

Inspired Kids Yoga's mission is to teach kids the tools they need to be courageous, compassionate and calm through: 

* face to face classes  (in daycare, school, after school)

* private sessions- face to face or online

* videos (age two to teen)

* mentorship for kids yoga teachers & professionals working with kids

* online courses for adults to learn how to teach kids

* workshops & teacher training

* Calm Fairies hospital visits


inspire~  verb


1. to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.


2. breathe in (air); inhale.


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Private Sessions

* Face to face sessions


* Online sessions

* Personalised Calm Fairies meditations

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* Online courses 

* Private sessions

* Schools in lockdown

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* Light Up Little Lights

* Peppa Loves Yoga

* "Yoga for Every Body"


* YouTube Channel

 Personalised Calm Fairies meditations 

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Courses & Workshops

* Registered Children's Yoga Teacher Training (RCYT 95) 

* Calm Coaching

* Workshops 

* Online courses

*  Teacher Mentorship

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Age two-teen

* After school 7-12 yrs

* Teen girls

* Daycare

* School

Heartfelt Intention

I have spent the past 16+ years shaping Inspired Kids Yoga into what it is today. Over that time of learning and refining my craft, there has been one consistent centrepiece- a heartfelt intention.


Each class, workshop, training manual and video is woven together with my love for kids;  yoga and teaching.  


It is my heartfelt intention to teach kids the practices that give them tools for life to be calm, courageous and compassionate. 

"Stacey is a remarkable woman. Her classes are inspiring, elegant and fun.

Her teacher trainings are unparalleled in quality of delivery and content.  "


Yoga Teacher 

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Join Stacey for a yoga class to the story book, "Peppa Loves Yoga", as part of the official Peppa Pig Mindfulness Event, October 2021.

Kids can practise a mindfulness technique each day, get sponsored and raise money for Save the Children to help kids who are doing it tough. 

Sign up to join Peppa's Mindfulness Month

Inspired Kids Yoga + Peppa  Pig

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Got questions?

Most concerns simply need clarification and some good old fashioned communication.  


Send an email and I will happily answer your questions either via email or over the phone if you prefer.